The Pitch Podcast Manifesto

1) Life’s a Pitch

We all live by storytelling.

Storytelling isn’t just “Once upon a time…” but how we make sense of the world, how we relate to other people and how we create connection.

Storytelling isn’t just a way of a nice way to spice up your marketing and add value, it is the value. Why do people drink Coke and not Pepsi when Pepsi tastes better? It’s because people drink the Can not the Soda. The can is the whole package, the story.

Podcasts are a great internal communication tool. We work with banks and leading consumer brands to help them use podcasts to build their ecosystem, but that is the glue that binds these loosely connected tribes together.

2) Podcasts are a Format not a Medium

We believe podcasts should be audio and video. People want to connect, and while they may consume the content in audio format, having seen you on video turns you from a 2D sound to a 3D person. We push out all our podcasts both onto Soundcloud and our Youtube channel.

3) Podcasts are Conversations not Interviews

Why give people exactly what they can get from a conference or a presentation. Everyone wants that moment where the guests opens up and says something never said before in public. It’s authentic, it’s real, it’s connection.

By contrast, interviews are Q&A, they are polished answers sent beforehand. We never send our guests questions before shows, neither should you. We want to create the experience of sitting in and enjoying being part of a conversation rather than some boring conference presentation.

4) Podcasts are Long Form not Soundbites

Authenticity means going against the grain. So, expect people to say “I don’t have time for that!”

Most people don’t have time to listen to a 60 minute podcast. But then podcasts aren’t for “most” people. If people were really that busy, Starbucks around the world would be empty. Everyone would go to McDonald’s or Dunkin Donuts and get it half the price and twice as fast. But they don’t. Starbucks stores are filled with students, young Moms and startup CEOs alike.

We are tired or being gamed. We are tired of fake Instagram filters, or every post “being a paid partnership with” or headlines that promise but don’t deliver or algorithms that provoke our reptilian sensitivity to fear or loss.

In a world of gamed headlines, 8 second attention spans and algorithms that can out-trade, out-translate and out-play you at almost every imaginable game, what is left of being human?

Podcasts are a push back against the machine, they are the human yearning for connections. Podcasts are the campfire huddle or the 3 hour conversations we just don’t have any more in our lives.

In the next Industrial Revolution, Automation will shift value creation from the spreadsheet fillers to the storytellers.

5) Podcasting is hard

If only it was as easy as it looks. It takes a team to consistently produce podcasts like a pro. That’s why we built a podcast team to look after our clients and our own professional podcast studio in Singapore.

Most podcasters fail because they don’t have a good process behind them. If you’re a podcaster wanting to get up the learning curve, learn from our mistakes on The Podcast Show.

Most of the Successful podcasts in Asia in 5 years time won’t exist now or not have been started yet, that’s because the market is changing. In every cottage industry, the early adopters are forgiving of the rough edges but as markets professionalize, they expect quality.