Podcasting for Travel

Creating Authentic Advertising

Travel and tourism marketing are oftentimes deemed by travelers as exaggerated, false, or dubious with some hidden catch. With the wealth of information available online, travelers are becoming more discerning and resourceful. How do you make your brand stand out from all the other choices, and enhance the customer experience for greater customer retention and acquisition?

The answer is you need to create an independent voice and brand for your company. And the best way to do that is through podcasting.

Our Work

Clients: AirAsia

Podcast goes hand in hand with tourism and travel. As many travelers are on-the-go, spending long hours in transit and in waiting, podcast as a long-form storytelling medium is the perfect way to engage with these travelers. Whether you are a tourism board, an airline or travel agency, podcast allows you to build brand authority with engaging content, and presents opportunities for ad revenue.

Case Study

AirAsia wants to evolve from an airline to a digital travel company. Core to this digital transformation journey is the development of an internal media house that can sell new advertising real estate not owned by Facebook or Google. Podcasts are a natural evolution of AirAsia assets. Building on the internal travel360 magazine, AirAsia can use podcasts to sell ad space to media partners enabling deeper data profiling of customer needs and behaviors. Listen to the podcast we produced for AirAsia in the showreel below.


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