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Humanizing the Brand

Xerocon Brisbane 2019
The more successful Platforms become, the less we know who they really are. Successful Platforms collect and broker data between a marketplace of partners and customers. Quite often the partners are the frontline touch point between customers and the service, with the Platform itself operating in the background. Platforms need to build community to distinguish themselves from competition and both attract and retain talent within their ecosystem.

Our Work

Clients: Xero

Recording on location at Xerocon Brisbane 2019
Case Study

Xero is an $8 billion SAAS platform aimed at providing beautiful business and accounting solutions. Being a world leader at looking after the back-end raises its own inherent challenges – they spend less time telling the world about what they do. Community is a core part of the Xero brand. Anyone who interacts with the humans of Xero will use words like “Love” to describe the experience, but how do you make that scale?

Listen to the podcast we produced in partnership with Xero in the showreel below.


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