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Engaging Content is the Best Advertisement

The “death of print” did not kill traditional media, but did pose many challenges for news outlets in the transition to digital media. How can media channels gain an edge when 50 percent of Internet users hear about the latest news via social media before ever hearing about it on a news station? In our current age of short attention span and sensationalisation of information, it becomes even more important to build a place for in-depth analysis and conversation that engages audience.

Our Work

Graham Brown recording a podcast with AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandez
Most people consume news on the go, whether it’s on a crowded train, in a car, or walking through the crowd. In all of these situations, it makes much more sense to be listening to a podcast than reading an article. While media outlets try to increase readership by pushing out 3 minute reads, it is much more effective and in-depth to have 15 minute podcasts that people can consume during their daily commute. What’s more, podcast has 2x higher engagement rate than social media, and 69% of podcast listeners agreed that podcast ads made them aware of new products or services.

Case Study

AirAsia wants to evolve from an airline to a digital travel company. Core to this digital transformation journey is the development of an internal media house that can sell new advertising real estate not owned by Facebook or Google. Podcasts are a natural evolution of AirAsia assets. Building on the internal travel360 magazine, AirAsia can use podcasts to sell ad space to media partners enabling deeper data profiling of customer needs and behaviors. Listen to the podcast we produced for AirAsia in the showreel below.


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