Podcasting for Events

Keep Your Events Ever Alive

Last Friday you were at an EDM music festival, Saturday there was a new product launch, Sunday was a one-day conference on the future of AI in domestic companionship…

In this day and age, we are bombarded with a plethora of events to choose from and attend. How do you attract people to your event, and more importantly, how do you make it memorable?

Our Work

Clients: E27 Echelon, Xerocon Australia

Events are great ways to bring people together, create buzz, and build brand awareness. By partnering with us, you can leverage on the engaging format and low production cost of podcast as a form of content creation for generating hype leading up to events, as well as using podcasts during events for documentation and future marketing purposes.

Case Study

Xero is an $8 billion SAAS platform aimed at providing beautiful business and accounting solutions. Being a world leader at looking after the back-end raises its own inherent challenges – they spend less time telling the world about what they do. Community is a core part of the Xero brand. Anyone who interacts with the humans of Xero will use words like “Love” to describe the experience, but how do you make that scale?

Listen to the podcast we produced in partnership with Xero in the showreel below.


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