Podcasting for Education

Creating an Authentic Voice of Authority

For such a human-centric sector, there is a disproportionate lack of transparency, accountability, and human connection. Education is a huge investment for the paying student, so much so that the US education market is projected to make a whopping $2,040 billion by 2026. Students and parents alike are scrambling on internet forums and groups to find out more about the faculty, environment, courses, etc. before deciding on a school. In this highly competitive market, you need an authentic voice that speaks directly to your customers for them to get some peace of mind and know exactly what they’ll be investing in.

Our Work

Clients: Singapore Institute of Management

With podcasting, you can leverage the knowledge of your lecturers and instructors, marketing their expertise in a much more engaging and human way. You will also be able to build credibility and brand authority if you show that your people are having intellectual discussions on issues that matter. Alternatively, you could also build a podcast sharing success stories and journeys of alumni, or feature aspects of student life and their causes, which will all add to your community appeal and brand affinity.

Case Study

The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) is a prestigious education brand known across Asia with an active alumni and relationships with corporate partners. In the 21st century, brands like SIM have to work harder to retain relevance as consumer habits change fast and their core audience has access to whole internet of information. Going back to their core and building authority around events and experience is core to maintaining their relevance in a world of noise. Listen to “The Future of Work,” the podcast we created for SIM, in the showreel below.


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