Podcasting for Consultancies

Building Brand Authority in a Noisy Media Landscape

Consultancies need Brand Authority to win and maintain the best clients, but this is a challenging task when competition and noise is increasing. While you may have Brand Authority today, there will be new entrants who will eat away at the periphery of your business leaving you with only the unprofitable core. Consultancies need to first address the bottleneck in their model i.e. their value is tied to its most important people, and there are only 24 hours in a day. Consultancies can score quick wins by taking existing content (which are often repeated many times to different people) and turning them into evergreen conversations that can continue to create Brand Authority even when their key people are engaged elsewhere.

Our Work

Clients: McKinsey, evokeAG

This is when podcasts come in as the solution to effectively communicate these key conversations. You can use long-form conversational podcasts to share key insights and analysis, which then becomes a pool of information and authority to keep clients engaged with your work.

Case Study

McKinsey recently published a report on the Future of Asia, detailing key insights and trends for the Asian Century. We partnered with them in creating the accompanying podcast, Future of Asia Podcast, which features conversations with leaders from across the region to expand on the report findings in-depth. With this, McKinsey is leading the pack in sharing thought-leadership and generating conversations with clients, ultimately expanding their influence.

Listen to our showreel below to get an idea of what we can do for you.


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