Podcasting for Banks

Building Trust and Brand Authority

Since the financial crisis of 2008, multiple high-profile failures and unsuccessful mergers in the past decade has created much distrust within the banking industry. To rebuild trust and boost loyalty, banks need to address the communication challenge. Poor communication strategies not only lose existing and potential customers, it also distances your employees. How do you maneuver effectively in this dynamic digital environment, to not only improve communications with your customers, but also importantly within your own system?

Our Work

“Podcast listeners tend to be an intellectually curious audience, and that makes sense for our brand,” according to Liz Bowyer, Goldman Sachs’ co-head of brand and content strategy.

Investment banks in Wall Street are starting their own podcasts, and that is because they know the reach and value podcasts can bring to their brands. Podcast is the perfect platform to share expertise in analysis and research insights, a way to engage clients and build brand authority. You can also build community and trust with your potential customers through podcasts as it is proven to be the medium of authentic communication. Check out the showreel below to get a sense of what we can offer.


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