Podcasting for Brands

Case Study 1: AirAsia
Podcasting for Advertising

Challenge: AirAsia wants to evolve from an airline to a digital travel company. Core to this digital transformation journey is the development of an internal media house that can sell new advertising real estate not owned by Facebook or Google. Podcasts are a natural evolution of AirAsia assets. Building on the internal travel360 magazine, AirAsia can use podcasts to sell ad space to media partners enabling deeper data profiling of customer needs and behaviors.

Deliverable: On AirAsia. AirAsia and Pitch Media Asia present a branded podcast about lifestyle, travel, entertainment and culture of different cities in Asia.

Episode Samples

Case Study 2: Xero
Podcasting for Community

Challenge: Xero is an $8 billion SAAS platform aimed at providing beautiful business and accounting solutions. Being a world leader at looking after the back-end raises its own inherent challenges – they spend less time telling the world about what they do. Community is a core part of the Xero brand. Anyone who interacts with the humans of Xero will use words like “Love” to describe the experience, but how do you make that scale?

Deliverable: Xero On Air. A look inside the world of Xero. We discover the people and the partners that make up their ecosytem. A series from Xero and Pitch Media Asia.

Episode Samples

Case Study 3: SIM
Podcasting for Brand Authority

Challenge: The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) is a prestigious education brand known across Asia with an active alumni and relationships with corporate partners. In the 21st century, brands like SIM have to work harder to retain relevance as consumer habits change fast and their core audience has access to whole internet of information. Going back to their core and building authority around events and experience is core to maintaining their relevance in a world of noise.

Deliverable: The Future of Work. We talk to the people of SIM’s ecosystem – the event speakers and educators – who have great stories to tell. We go beyond the events and get the “story behind the story”.

Episode Samples